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List your Jobs on Careerjet

By listing your jobs on Careerjet, we provide a high visibility to your ads reaching well-targeted candidates.

Careerjet’s listing service operates on a price per click fee basis: you only pay when a job seeker interested in one of your job ads, clicks on the job title found on Careerjet to read more before applying.

Price per click: ₦ 10 net      Minimum top up on your account: ₦ 10,000 net

As soon as your advertiser account is credited, your jobs are listed on our search engine and candidates are able to find them. When your account runs out of credit, your listings are downgraded, and then suspended. Simply top up your account to reactivate your listings.

A user friendly interface allows you to manage your listings and monitor your statistics.

Also, you will have a personal account manager at Careerjet to handle your queries and advise on optimal solutions in boosting the visibility of your ads and generating maximum applications.

We accept :

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Maestro, Cirrus, Switch, Solo, PayPal and World Pay